Need Help ?

Below you can find FAQ’s about wanting to place an order OR an order you have recently placed:

I Want To Place An Order:

Type your postcode in the search box on the homepage and you will be directed through to the product order page. Select which products you want, and then click ‘Checkout’.

Follow the payment instructions to pay for your order. Now, sit back and relax, your order is on the way.

If your card is declined on our website, please call your bank and ask them why. They should be able to provide an answer and hopefully resolve the issue.

We currently only sell products as listed on our website

It seems the product you’re looking for isn’t available at this time. However, we are growing and it’s likely we will be increasing our range of stock in future.

If you would like to make a suggestion to add the product to our website, please email your suggestion to We are regularly adding to our website and would be happy to receive feedback. 

We are currently open:

Everyday: 10am to 12am

We have a small range of organic, lactose free and glutten free products available on the website.
All the products we sell are listed on the site, you can do a search for a specific product using the search bar.

If there’s a specific product we are missing and would like to suggest we add it to the website, please email us at with your suggestion. 

I Have Recently Placed An Order:

We’re sorry that some items were not delivered. Send us an email at, and we will get in contact with the driver to either get the missing item delivered or issue a refund.

We’re very sorry about that.Please detail the incident and email us at We will investigate the situation. This helps us determine which drivers receive deliveries in the future and to stop sending deliveries to drivers who provide a poor service. 

In the first instance you should e-mail us at: to see if the order has been picked and packed. Unfortunately an order cannot be changed if the driver has already picked and packed your products. 

As we use crowd-sourced delivery drivers, it can often be very difficult to cancel a delivery as most of the time our drivers will have already set off to buy the items.

If the order urgently needs cancelling you can contact us at: as soon as possible so we can try to contact the driver to cancel the order. The sooner you do this, the more chance we have of cancelling the order.

Still not any help? Contact Us.